Rising Strong to Cure Paralysis

In order to continue to celebrate my 21th year of living with paralysis, I am excited to announce the Bennett Foundation's next event in our Rising Strong to Cure Paralysis campaign.  I will be riding my handcycle in the Rutgers Half Marathon and 8K.

When:  April 9, 2017

Where: Rutgers University, Sonny Werbling Rec. Center, Busch Campus

My goal is to bring together as many people as possible to raise awareness and funds for spinal cord injury research.  If you are interested in walking/running/rolling please join me!  Not interested in all that activity?  Come out and cheer us on to support the SCIProject@Rutgers. 

My Challenge to You

I want to know that you are on our team!  Register and be counted.  All registered runners and attendees will receive our official Team SCIProject@Rutgers t-shirt.  The time is now; we have the tools, join with us and SCIProject@Rutgers community and make it happen! 

There has never been a more exciting time in the fight to cure paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. This year-long campaign will raise awareness and funds for ongoing research at the Spinal Cord Injury Project @ Rutgers, while celebrating those with spinal cord injuries who Rise Strong each and every day of their lives.  Whether it’s struggling to dress, performing daily hygiene, transferring from bed to chair or chair to car; we continue to fight and Rise Strong each day!  We also acknowledge our families, friends and caregivers who also Rise Strong every day and fight along with us.

 Please join us on April 9th and become part of our Rising Strong team!

                                            I am deeply grateful for your support,



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